Why Johny can’t code and whether he really needs BASIC

David Brin has written an article at Salon titled Why Johny can’t code. The basic premise is that it has become very difficult for the younger generation to pick up computing, as simple and straight forward environments of yesteryears are gone. As an example given by David, it was much easier to do between late […]

Is Bangalore as high-quality resource-rich as it wants everyone to believe?

Apple software logs out of India- The Times of India: Considering the low-cost, high-quality talent pool that Bangalore offers, it is unclear why Apple decided to shut shop just over a month after it commenced operations. Say what? Maybe the proper way to react to Apple’s actions was to actually stop and think: are there […]

CRN | Lenovo, Linux, Lenovo3000 | Lenovo To Shun Linux

As seen on Slashdot, quoted from CRN: CRN | Lenovo, Linux, Lenovo3000 | Lenovo To Shun Linux: Computer maker Lenovo will not install or support the Linux operating system on any of its PCs, including ThinkPads and a series of new notebooks, the company said this week. So, it has started. It has not really […]

Opera Mini 2.0

Opera Mini™ for Mobile: Opera Mini™ is a fast and tiny Web browser, that allows you to access the full Internet on your phone. … The new version further improves the browsing experience by enabling download of images, MP3s, etc directly to your phone. I’ve had previous version of OperaMini running on my Nokia 6230 […]

GUI vs. console

Is the Console next Desktop?: For professions that require loads of data-entry, such as bookkeepping, income tax, retail… console-based applications still provide more user performance than any visual design. This is the second para in the first comment posted. I can’t agree more. Time and time again I am seeing that good GUI metaphors are […]